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60 minutes 1997-2014.Others
AGIS Attorney-General's information service.Others
AGIS: Attorney-General's Information Service
All England Direct
All England Law Reports (via All England Direct)
All England Law Reports (via
ArbitrationLaw onlineOthers
Australian company law reports
Australian corporations and securities reportsLexisNexis
Australian current law : legislation.LexisNexis
Australian current law : reporter.LexisNexis
Australian current lawLexisNexis
Australian law reportsLexisNexis
Brill online : books and journalsOthers
BrillOnline reference worksOthers
Cambridge coreOthers
Cambridge journalsCambridge University Press
Celex: Official Legal Database of the European Communities
Chinese research perspectives onlineOthers
CIL database of ASEAN and international law documents
CLJ lawOthers
EBSCO ebook collection
eGazette (To view the full-text, please approach CL Reception or LW Information Desk)Others
Eighteenth Century collections onlineGale
Encyclopedia of criminological theorySAGE
Encyclopedia of education lawSAGE
Encyclopedia of law and higher educationSAGE
Encyclopedia of Law and Religion OnlineOthers
Encyclopedia of psychology and law SAGE
Encyclopedia of victimology and crime preventionSAGE
English Reports Full Reprint (via Hein Online)
Foreign & international law resources databaseOthers
Foreign relations of the United States (FRUS)Others
Gale databasesGale
Government of Canada: Depository Services Program (DSP) E-Collection
Hague Academy collected courses onlineBrill
Halsbury's laws of Australia
HeinOnlineWilliam S. Hein & Co., Inc.
Hong Kong University Theses Online
House of Commons parliamentary papers (1801-200304) (NUS email address is required)Others
IBFD tax research platformOthers
ICLR the Incorporated Council of Law Reporting for England and Wales.Others
Index to foreign legal periodicalsWilliam S. Hein & Co., Inc.
Index to legal periodicals & books
Index to legal periodicals & books
Index to Singapore subsidiary legislation (1981-1991)Others

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