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This is a list of new e-book titles added to our collection in the last 30 days. Access to subscribed titles is restricted to NUS staff and students only. Please observe copyright rules when downloading or printing.

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'Up the country.' Letters written to her sister from the upper provinces of India (v. 1)
'Up the country.' Letters written to her sister from the upper provinces of India (v. 2)
'Why is your axe bloody?' a reading of Njᡬs saga /Oxford University Press
The (1+1)-nonlinear universe of the parabolic map and combinatoricsWorldSciNet
17世纪上半叶东亚海域的商业竞争 / (formerly Apabi Digital Library)Apabi
The 1982 law of the sea convention at 30 successes, challenges and new agendas /Brill
20世纪文学与中国妇女 (formerly Apabi Digital Library)Apabi
6/11/1999Alexander Street Press
Access to environmental justice a comparative study /Brill
Actual consciousnessOxford University Press
Ad infinitum new essays on epistemological infinitism /Oxford University Press
Adult development cognitive aspects of thriving close relationships /Oxford University Press
Advocating for human rights 10 years of the Inter-American Moot Court Competition /Brill
Aesthetics and the sciences of mindOxford University Press
Affective publics sentiment, technology, and politics /Oxford University Press
Affinity and efficacy the components of drug-receptor interactions /WorldSciNet
African historical archaeologiesSpringer
The African regional human rights system 30 years after the African Charter on Human and Peoples' Rights /Brill
Agust⩮ Lara a cultural biography /Oxford University Press
AIDS, Politics, and Music in South AfricaCambridge University Press
Al-Shabaab in Somalia the history and ideology of a militant Islamist group, 2005-2012 /Oxford University Press
Alan Jay Lerner a lyricist's letters /Oxford University Press
Alcohol intoxication and withdrawal experimental studies II /Springer
Algorithmic foundations of robotics VSpringer
Alpine plant life functional plant ecology of high mountain ecosystems /Springer
American conspiracy theoriesOxford University Press
American guy masculinity in American law and literature /Oxford University Press
The American Society of International Law's first century 1906-2006 /Brill
Amnesty for crimes against humanity under international lawBrill
Analysis and optimization of systems proceedings of the Seventh International Conference on Analysis and Optimization of Systems, Antibes, June 25-27, 1986 /Springer
Analytic theory of subnormal operatorsWorldSciNet
The anatomy of torture a documentary history of Filartiga v. Pena Irala /Brill
Anglo-Saxon farms and farmingOxford University Press
Animal movement across scalesOxford University Press
The annotated digest of the International Criminal Court (ICC)Brill
Annual analysis of competitiveness, simulation studies and development perspective for 34 greater China economies: 2000-2010WorldSciNet
Annual analysis of competitiveness, simulation studies and development perspective for 35 states and federal territories of India: 2000-2010WorldSciNet
Answering the call popular Islamic activism in Egypt /Oxford University Press
Antarctic lakesOxford University Press
Anti-bribery laws in common law jurisdictionsOxford University Press
Anticancer properties of fruits and vegetables a scientific review /WorldSciNet
Antioxidants and stem cells for coronary heart diseaseWorldSciNet
Anxiety muted American film music in a suburban age /Oxford University Press
Applied uncertainty analysis for flood risk managementWorldSciNet
Aquinas's ontology of the material world change, hylomorphism, and material objects /Oxford University Press
The Arab spring new patterns for democracy and international law /Brill
The Archpoet and medieval cultureOxford University Press
Aristotle on perceiving objectsOxford University Press
Arranging Gershwin Rhapsody in blue and the creation of an American icon /Oxford University Press
Artical 34 sexual exploitation and sexual abuse of children /Brill

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