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This is a list of new e-book titles added to our collection in the last 30 days. Access to subscribed titles is restricted to NUS staff and students only. Please observe copyright rules when downloading or printing.

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2015 Roadmap advancing manufacturing technology / Others
2015 Roadmap advancing manufacturing technology / Others
The ACS style guide effective communication of scientific information.Others
Admiral Zheng He & Southeast AsiaProject MUSE
Adult psychopathology and diagnosis (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Advanced theranostics materialsWiley-Blackwell, John Wiley & Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd
After mindfulness new perspectives on psychology and meditation / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
The age of homespun objects and stories in the creation of an American myth / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Ancient documents and their contexts First North American Congress of Greek and Latin Epigraphy (2011) /Brill
Anesthesia student survival guide a case-based approach /Springer
The anti-anxiety food solution how the foods you eat can help you calm your anxious mind, improve your mood, & end cravings / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Anti-IL-2 receptor antibodies as models for cancer therapyHenry Stewart Talks
Antibodies as anti-viralsHenry Stewart Talks
Antibodies by protein engineeringHenry Stewart Talks
Antibodies in the control of type 1 diabetesHenry Stewart Talks
Antibody depletion therapy in transplantation implications for tolerance /Henry Stewart Talks
Antibody therapy of multiple sclerosisHenry Stewart Talks
Appealing to justice prisoner grievances, rights, and carceral logic / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Authentic Happiness using the new positive psychology to realise your potential for lasting fulfilment. (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Berichtigungsliste der Griechischen Papyrusurkunden Aus Ägypten 1Brill
The Bible on the question of homosexuality (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Blind spot how neoliberalism infiltrated global health / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Building the interfaith youth movement beyond dialogue to action. (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
CD20 antibodies in the targeting of B-Cell malignancies and autoimmunity mechanisms of B-cell depletion /Henry Stewart Talks
Cell surface glycoproteins on cells of the immune systemHenry Stewart Talks
Checkpoint blockade in cancer immunotherapyHenry Stewart Talks
Climate change and museum futures (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Complexity a guided tour / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Consuming power a social history of American energies / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Counting species biodiversity in global environmental politics / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Customer value discoveryHenry Stewart Talks
Education and tuning of natural killer cellsHenry Stewart Talks
The effectiveness of performance appraisal systems employee relations and human resource management / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Energy transitions history, requirements, prospects / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Equity, Opportunity and Education in Postcolonial Southeast Asia (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Evolution of NK cell receptorsHenry Stewart Talks
The extended phenotype the long reach of the gene / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Feminism and method ethnography, discourse analysis, and activist research / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Fossil mammals of Asia : Neogene biostratigraphy and chronology (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
From academia to entrepreneur lessons from the real world /Elsevier
Gaia a new look at life on earth / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
The generation of diversity in antibody genesHenry Stewart Talks
Gilbert and Sullivan gender, genre, parody / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
The Hamburg Lectures on Maritime Affairs 2011-2013 (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
The handbook of forensic psychology (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Harnessing tolerance mechanisms with monoclonal antibodiesHenry Stewart Talks
A history of Jewish-Muslim relations from the origins to the present day / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
A history of self-harm in Britain a genealogy of cutting and overdosing /Open access
Hsp90 a chaperone for protein kinases and hormone receptors /Henry Stewart Talks
Hypothalamic prolylcarboxpeptidase (PRCP) in the regulation of melanocortin systemHenry Stewart Talks

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