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This is a list of new e-book titles added to our collection in the last 30 days. Access to subscribed titles is restricted to NUS staff and students only. Please observe copyright rules when downloading or printing.

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'An offer you can't refuse' workfare in international perspective /Oxford University Press
'Hate crime' and the cityOxford University Press
'Liberty to the downtrodden' Thomas L. Kane, romantic reformer /Oxford University Press
'More work! Less pay!' rebellion and repression in Italy, 1972-7 /Oxford University Press
'Red Ellen' Wilkinson her ideas, movements and world /Oxford University Press
'Settling the peace of the church' 1662 revisited /Oxford University Press
'Sleepwalking to segregation'? challenging myths about race and migration /Oxford University Press
100 million unnecessary returns a simple, fair, and competitive tax plan for the United States /Oxford University Press
2002 lecturesOxford University Press
2003 lecturesOxford University Press
2004 lecturesOxford University Press
2005 lecturesOxford University Press
2006 lecturesOxford University Press
2007 lecturesOxford University Press
2008 lecturesOxford University Press
2015 Roadmap advancing manufacturing technology / Others
2015 Roadmap advancing manufacturing technology / Others
A.S. Byatt critical storytelling /Oxford University Press
Abandoned to ourselvesOxford University Press
Abandoning historical conflict? former political prisoners and reconciliation in Northern Ireland /Oxford University Press
Absorbing perfections Kabbalah and interpretation /Oxford University Press
The absurd in literatureOxford University Press
Acceptable words essays on the poetry of Geoffrey Hill /Oxford University Press
Access to justice for disadvantaged communitiesOxford University Press
According to our hearts Rhinelander v. Rhinelander and the law of the multiracial family /Oxford University Press
Accounting for oneself worth, status, and the social order in early modern England /Oxford University Press
AchievementOxford University Press
Achieving environmental justice a cross-national analysis /Oxford University Press
The activation dilemma reconciling the fairness and effectiveness of minimum income schemes in Europe /Oxford University Press
Activation or workfare? governance and the neo-liberal convergence /Oxford University Press
Active ageing voluntary work by older people in Europe /Oxford University Press
Active social policies in the EU inclusion through participation? /Oxford University Press
Adam Smith's pluralism rationality, education, and the moral sentiments /Oxford University Press
Addressing tipping points for a precarious futureOxford University Press
Administering welfare reform international transformations in welfare governance /Oxford University Press
Advanced data assimilation for geosciences : Ecole de Physics des Houches. Special issue, 28 May-15 June 2012Oxford University Press
Affix ordering across languages and frameworksOxford University Press
The African presence representations of Africa in the construction of Britishness /Oxford University Press
After Alexander Central Asia before Islam /Oxford University Press
After mindfulness new perspectives on psychology and meditation / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
After the fires the ecology of change in Yellowstone National Park /Oxford University Press
After the new social democracy social welfare for the twenty-first century /Oxford University Press
After Timur left culture and circulation in fifteenth-century North India /Oxford University Press
Against the profit motive the salary revolution in American government, 1780-1940 /Oxford University Press
The age of internationalism and Belgium, 1880-1930 peace, progress and prestige /Oxford University Press
The age of Obama the changing place of minorities in British and American society /Oxford University Press
The age of openness China before Mao /Oxford University Press
Ageing and intergenerational relations family reciprocity from a global perspective /Oxford University Press
Ageing in a consumer society from passive to active consumption in Britain /Oxford University Press
Ageing in the MediterraneanOxford University Press

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