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'Risky habits' and the marginal propensity to consume out of permanent income, or, how much would a permanent tax cust boost Japanese consumption? /Open access
12 million salaried workers are missing /Open access
Ability tracking, school competition, and the distribution of educational benefits /Open access
Accidents will happen? : unintentional injury, maternal employment, and child care policy /Open access
Accounting for recent declines in employment rates among the working-aged disabled /Open access
Accumulated pension collars : a market approach to reducing the risk of investment-based social security reform /Open access
Adverse selection in insurance markets : policyholder evidence from the U.K. annuity market /Open access
After Columbus : explaining the global trade boom 1500-1800 /Open access
Aggregate implications of indivisible labor /Open access
Aging and housing equity /Open access
Al-Mefty's meningiomasThieme
Alcohol consumption and alcohol advertising bans /Open access
Allocating payroll tax revenue to personal retirement accounts to maintain social security benefits and the payroll tax rate /Open access
Alternative methods for measuring productivity growth /Open access
Alternative monetary policy rules : a comparison with historical settings for the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan /Open access
Analysis and public policy successes, failures and directions for reform / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
The anatomy of employee involvement and its effects on firms and workers /Open access
Anesthesia emergencies (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Anesthesiology core review Part two, Advanced exam /The McGraw-Hill Companies
Annexation or conquest? : the economics of empire building /Open access
Annuity values in defined contribution retirement systems : the case of Singapore and Australia /Open access
The antebellum tariff on cotton textiles revisited /Open access
Applied methods of cost-effectiveness analysis in health care (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Are financial crises becoming increasingly more contagious? : what is the historical evidence on contagion? /Open access
Are profits shared across borders? : evidence on international rent sharing /Open access
Are the young becoming more disabled? /Open access
Are trade linkages important determinants of country vulnerability to crises? /Open access
Are two heads better than one? : an experimental analysis of group vs. individual decisionmaking /Open access
The Asian flu and Russian virus : firm-level evidence on how crises are transmitted internationally /Open access
Aspects of global economic integration : outlook for the future /Open access
Asset liquidity and segment divestitures /Open access
Asset location for retirement savers /Open access
The asset price incidence of capital gains taxes : evidence from the Taxpayer Relief Act of 1997 and publicly-traded real estate firms /Open access
Aulton's pharmaceutics the design and manufacture of medicines / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Balance sheet effects, bailout guarantees and financial crises /Open access
Balance sheets and exchange rate policy /Open access
Bank runs and banking policies : lessons for African policymakers /Open access
Banks, short term debt and financial crises : theory, policy implications and applications /Open access
Barbed wire an ecology of modernity / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Basic and clinical pharmacology /The McGraw-Hill Companies
Basic guide to dental procedures (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Before we are born essentials of embryology and birth defects / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Behavioral dentistry / (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
The behavioral dynamics of youth smoking /Open access
Behavioral economics /Open access
Behavioral medicine a guide for clinical practice /The McGraw-Hill Companies
Behold the Black Caiman a Chronicle of Ayoreo Life. (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Benevolent colluders? : the effects of antitrust action on college financial aid and tuition /Open access
Bequests as signals : an explanation for the equal division puzzle /Open access
The big picture medical biochemistry /The McGraw-Hill Companies

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