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3D echocardiographyCRC
Aaron Jay KernisProject MUSE
Abdominal obesity and the endocannabinoid system from basic aspects to clinical management of related cardiometabolic risk /CRC
Abdominal stomas and their skin disorders an atlas of diagnosis and management /CRC
Abortion law in transnational perspective cases and controversies /Project MUSE
Abraham Lincoln, philosopher statesmanProject MUSE
Acne and its therapyCRC
Acne ScarsCRC
Acne vulgaris /CRC
Active pharmaceutical ingredients development, manufacturing, and regulation /CRC
Acute aortic disease /CRC
Acute brain and spinal cord injury evolving paradigms and management /CRC
Acute respiratory distress syndromeCRC
Acute stroke bench to bedside /CRC
Adolescent rheumatologyCRC
Adrenal toxicology /CRC
Advanced drug formulation design to optimize therapeutic outcomes /CRC
Advanced Excel reporting for management accountantsWiley-Blackwell, John Wiley & Sons (Asia) Pte Ltd
Advanced techniques in dermatologic surgery /CRC
Advances in Nuclear Oncology Diagnosis and TherapyCRC
Aesthetic rejuvenation challenges and solutions a world perspective /CRC
Africa facing human security challenges in the 21st century /Project MUSE
African land rights systemsProject MUSE
Against dogmatism dwelling in faith and doubt /Project MUSE
Age-related macular degenerationCRC
Aia guide to ChicagoProject MUSE
Alabama governors a political history of the state /Project MUSE
Alcohol a history /Project MUSE
All joking aside American humor and its discontents /Project MUSE
Allergens and allergen immunotherapy /CRC
The altar at home sentimental literature and nineteenth-century American religion /Project MUSE
Amazons, wives, nuns, and witches women and the Catholic church in colonial Brazil, 1500-1822 /Project MUSE
The ambivalence of scarcity and other essaysProject MUSE
America's deadliest twister the tri-state tornado of 1925 /Project MUSE
American hybrid poetics gender, mass culture, and form /Project MUSE
The AmericansProject MUSE
Anaerobic infections diagnosis and management /CRC
And I said no Lord a twenty-one-year-old in Mississippi in 1964 /Project MUSE
Anesthesia and analgesia in dermatologic surgeryCRC
Animals, equality and democracy (formerly NetLibrary)EBSCO Publishing
Ankylosing spondylitis diagnosis and management /CRC
Antiepileptic drugs to treat psychiatric disorders /CRC
Antifungal therapyCRC
Antigen-presenting cells and the eyeCRC
Antimicrobial pharmacodynamics in theory and clinical practice /CRC
Antimicrobial resistance problem pathogens and clinical countermeasures /CRC
Aqueous polymeric coatings for pharmaceutical dosage formsCRC
Arda Inhabited Environmental Relationships in The Lord of the Rings /Project MUSE
Argentine, Mexican, and Guatemalan photography feminist, queer, and post-masculinist perspectives /Project MUSE

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