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Accounting research network ARN.Open access
Acta pharmacologica SinicaOpen accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 1980) -
Behavioral and brain functions BBFOpen accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 2005)
Regionalism and interregionalism in the ASEM context current dynamics and theoretical approaches /Open access
Renaissance city 2.0Open access
Renaissance city plan IIIOpen access
The report of the arts and culture strategic reviewOpen access
Respiratory researchOpen accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 2000) -
RetrovirologyOpen accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 2004) -
Saline systemsOpen accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 2005) -
The scientific world journal (Open Access)Open accessv1 (01 Jan 2000) -
Singapore investment news /Open access(01 Mar 2011) -
The Singapore Middle East papersOpen access
Biomedical engineering onlineOpen accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 2002)
Singapore statutes onlineOpen access
Social Science Research Network SSRN.Open access
SPAFA journal : publication of the SEAMEO Regional Centre for Archaeology and Fine Arts.Open accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 1980) -
The Straits Chinese magazine a quarterly journal of oriental and occidental culture.Open access
Stroke and transient ischaemic attacksOpen accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 2001) - (31 Dec 2008)
Taiwan jing ji lun heng = Taiwan economic forum /Open access(31 Dec 2003) -
Taprobanica the journal of Asian biodiversity.Open access(01 Apr 2009) -
TASH connections : equity, quality and social justice for people with disabilities. (Current Issue Only)Open access
Theses Canada portal Portail de thèses Canada.Open access
United Nations treaty collectionOpen access
BMC anesthesiologyOpen accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 2001)
Virology journalOpen accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 2004) -
World development indicators /Open access
九州大学総合研究博物館デジタルアーカイブ The Kyushu University Museum Digital ArchiveOpen access
京都大学東南アジア研究センター Center for Southeast Asian Studies, Kyoto University = CSEAS.Open access
人間文化研究機構統合検索システム Resource sharing system for the humanities.Open access
全國漢籍データベース 日本所藏中文古籍數據庫.Open access
四庫提要Open access
国立公文書館アジア歴史資料センター Japan center for Asian Historical RecordsOpen access
国立国会図書館デジタルアーカイブポータル(PORTA) The National Diet Library Digital Archive PortalOpen access
学術機関リポジトリポータル (JAIRO)Open access
The Business reviewOpen accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 1975) - v42:n4
新聞記事文庫 神大学附属図書館デジタルアーカイブ : Kobe University Library Digital Archive : Newspaper ArticleOpen access
東南アジア学会 The Japan Society for Southeast Asian Studies (JSSEAS).Open access
東南アジア研究ネットワーク Network for Southeast Asian StudiesOpen access
東南アジア関係文献目録データベース The Japanese Bibliography of Southeast Asian Studies (JABSEAS)  Open access
現代中国地域研究 Contemporary chinese area studies.Open access
續修四庫全書データベースOpen access
近代デジタルライブラリー 明治.大正期刊行図書の資料本文をデジタル画像で閲覧できるサービス.Open access
開発途上国関連リンク集アジア全般 東南アジア全般 = Links - Southeast AsiaOpen access
Cardiovascular diabetologyOpen accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 2002)
Case reports in nephrology and urology (Open Access)Open accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 2011) -
Census of population 2010. Statistical release 3, Geographic distribution and transport.Open accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 1999) -
Cerebrovascular diseases extra (Open Access)Open accessv1:n1 (01 Jan 2011) -
Cinémathèque quarterlyOpen accessn1 (01 Oct 2011) -
Cleveland Clinic journal of medicineOpen accessv75:n1 (01 Jan 2008)

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