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Guidelines for applying for borrowing privileges for NUS Term Card holders


This is for NUS departments with external staff or students (those not issued with NUS staff/student card) who need library borrowing privileges.


Please note the following conditions:


1. The staff or student must have a valid NUS Term Card. The Library does not accept the NUS Temp Card as it does not have a photograph of the cardholder.


2. Membership application will be assessed on a case-by-case basis.


3. NUS Libraries requires the Department to undertake to pay all outstanding library debts incurred, in the event that the Term Card holder did not settle his/her debt before leaving the University. As a precautionary measure, please inform the Term Card holder to clear any outstanding fines, and return items from NUS Libraries, one week before he/she leaves the University.


4. Upon receipt of the membership application and approval, NUS Libraries will inform the Department, and activate the access and borrowing privileges. The staff/student can then use their NUS Term Card to enter NUS Libraries and borrow materials from our collections.


5. Please email the following particulars of the staff or student to : membership@nus.edu.sg


a. Full name (as printed on their Term Card)

b. NUS term card number

c. NRIC or Passport number

d. Email address

e. Local address

f. Contact number

g. Start and end date of staff or student stay in the department

h. Designation of staff or student

i. Include this statement: ‘The department would undertake to settle any outstanding debt incurred by the person arising from library fines (e.g. overdue fines), outstanding loans and/or lost books, should they leave the University without settling his/her debt to NUS Libraries.’

j. A non-refundable registration fee of $5.00 (excluding GST) will be charged for each staff/student applying for membership. If the department wants to be billed, please indicate with this statement: ‘Please invoice the registration fee of $5.00 (excluding GST) to [insert department name].

k. Include this statement: ‘We confirm the details provided are correct.'


6. The Library will send informational materials (including a copy of rules and regulations) for the staff/student who has applied and given borrowing privileges. Note that access to the Library’s E-Resources requires a separate application.


7. The Department should remind the staff/student to keep their card safe as they will be liable for loans and fines incurred under the Term Card. The loss of card must be reported to Central Library (Loans Desk 4) immediately.


For assistance, please contact: 6516-2016 or email: membership@nus.edu.sg

Content updated on 15 Jul 2017

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