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2015 is a big commemorative year. For NUS, we are celebrating 110 years of Higher Education in Singapore. The Library has been an integral part of the education endeavor, and we join the university in the year-long festivities.

The book displays in Central Library will focus on highlighting NUS Libraries’ collection throughout 2015. Key titles, especially those that deal with the geographical area of Singapore, Malaya and the Straits Settlements are candidates for our small exhibit. In addition, the selected title should be impactful or have some significance to research and teaching in all fields of higher learning.

Japanese Occupation

Memoirs and Biographies

  • F. Kikan: Japanese army intelligence operations in Southeast Asia during World War II [DS 596.4 Fuj]
  • Dr Paglar: Everyman’s Hero [R 612 Pag.Sh 2010]
  • Syonan My Story: The Japanese Occupation of Singapore [DS 599.61 Shi 2011]
  • Sook Ching [DS 599.61 Soo]
  • The Price of Peace: True Accounts of the Japanese Occupation [DS 599.5 Pri]
  • Jungles are never neutral: War-time in Bahau. An extraordinary story of exile and survival, the diaries of Brother O'Donovan [DS 596.6 Odo 2008]
  • A Young Girl's Wartime Diary: the journal of a teenager written during the Japanese Occupation of Singapore [DS 599.51 Shs 2007]
  • The Jungle is Neutral [D 767.5 Cha]
  • This Singapore (Our City of Dreadful Night) [D 767.5 Low]


Japanese Occupation – Academic Books

  • Guns of February: Ordinary Japanese Soldier’s Views of the Malayan Campaign & the Fall of Singapore 1941-42 [DS 599.61 Fre 2004]
  • Between Two Oceans: A Military History of Singapore from 1275 to 1971 [DS 599.61 Btw 2011]
  • The Japanese Occupation 1942-1945: A Pictorial Record of Singapore during the War [DS 599.61 Tan]
  • Syonan: Singapore under the Japanese. A catalogue of oral history interviews [DS 599.5 Syo]
  • Red Star over Malaya: resistance and social conflict during and after the Japanese occupation of Malaya, 1941-46 [DS 596.5 Che 2012]
  • War, memory and the making of modern Malaysia and Singapore [DS 596 Bla 2012]
  • The Malay-Muslims, Islam, and the Rising Sun: 1941-1945 [DS 591 Rasmm 34 2003]
  • The Indian National Army and Japan [DS 442.6 Leb 2008]
  • Operation Matador: Britain's war plans against the Japanese 1918-1941 [DS 599.61 Ong]
  • Malaya and Singapore during the Japanese Occupation [DS 596.4 Mal]
  • The Comfort Women: Sex Slaves of the Japanese Imperial Forces [D 804 Jap.Hi]
  • New perspectives on the Japanese Occupation in Malaya and Singapore, 1941-1945 [DS 596.4 New 2009]
  • The Japanese Occupation of Malaya: a Social and Economic History [DS 596.4 Kra
  • 日侵时期新马华人受害调查 /Survey of the Chinese victims in Malaya and Singapore under Japanese occupation [DS 596.4 Rqxm 2004]
  • Malaya Upside Down [DS 596.4 Chi]


Japanese Occupation: Novels and works of fiction


Coming up in Jul 2015 : “The postwar years & struggle for self-rule (1943–1962)”.


Compiled by : Han Ming Guang

Research & Information Services Department, Central Library