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Compilation of contributions by donors

Contributions received in April 2018



Donor Date Received  Title of items donated Location Callno. / Stack no.
Singapore Academy of Law 20-Apr-18 Reform of the Bills of Sale Act : report / [submitted by the Sub-Committee on Reviw of the Bills of Sale Act   Arfat Selvam, chairman   Mavis Chionh, secretary   Chua Lee Ming, Charles Lim Aeng Cheng, Kim Seah Teck Kim, Tan Yock Lin]. C J Koh Law Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection KE5123 Sal 1996
Singapore Academy of Law 20-Apr-18 Report of the Corporatisation of Professional Partnerships Sub-Committee / [Arfat Selvam, chairperson   Charles Lim, Kim Seah Teck Kim, Tan Cheng Han, Alvin Yeo Khirn Hai, Jimmy Yim Wing Kuen, Foo Chee Hock]. C J Koh Law Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection KE5267 Sal 1996
Singapore Academy of Law 20-Apr-18 Report of the Sub-Committee on  the Status of Children Born through Artificial Conception / [Jeffrey Chan Wah Teck, chairperson   Francis Tseng, Foo Kim Boon, Terry Kaan, Kuah Boon Theng, Chua Lee Ming, Melinda Moosa]. C J Koh Law Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection KE5137.1 Rep.Sa 1997
Shawn Loh 09-Apr-18 Global identities in transition : musical stories from Singapore / Gavin Lee Project Director and Amanda Lee, Shawn Loh Research associates. Music Library Books/Scores PL5147.3 Glo 2018
Simon Chesterman 26-Apr-18 Commentary on the First Geneva Convention : Convention (I) for the Amelioration of the Condition of the Wounded and Sick in Armed Forces in the Field / editorial committee: Knut Dörmann, Liesbeth Lijnzaad, Marco Sassòli and Philip Spoerri   project team: Jean-Marie Henckaerts, Head of Project [and 5 others]. C J Koh Law Library Books KZ6464.3 Com 2016
Lim Tee Tai 11-Apr-18 Eddies in captivity [videorecording] / produced by A.E. Perry & T.T. Lim. Central Library Multimedia (Loans Desk) TA357.5 Flo.Ed 1978 / CMR6195
Makarome Teck Kay Tony 16-Apr-18 Teaching music with purpose : conducting, rehearsing and inspiring / Peter Loel Boonshaft. Music Library Books/Scores MT85 Boo 2006
Makarome Teck Kay Tony 16-Apr-18 Unintentional music : releasing your deepest creativity / Lane Arye. Music Library Books/Scores ML3920 Ary 2001
Gerrie 24-Apr-18 Goodbye, my kampong! : Potong Pasir, 1966 to 1975 / Josephine Chia. Central Library Books PL5150 Cj.Go
Marc Andrew Rochester 17-Apr-18 Requiem & other sacred music [sound recording] / Gabriel FauŕЕ. Music Library Multimedia (Loans Desk) KC13745
Peter Ivan Edwards 27-Apr-18 Nostalgia in a denuded rainforest [sound recording] : Iraya-Mangyan music from Mindoro, Philippines. Music Library Multimedia (Loans Desk) KC13750
WBS ewd fd 26-Apr-18 Nursing Indonesia's sovereignty in Papua : revitalization of sovereignty and non-intervention principles in the UN Charter / author, Nico Gere   editor, Akhmad Kusaeni   prologue, Prof. Hikmahanto Juwana, S.H.,  S.H., L.L.M., Ph.D. Central Library Books JQ779 *Pap.Ge 2016
WBS ewd fd 26-Apr-18 Peninsular Siam and its neighborhoods : essays in memory of Dr. Preecha Noonsuk / edited by Wannasarn Noonsuk. Central Library Books DS588 Sou.Pe 2017
WBS ewd fd 27-Apr-18 Mediating Islam : cosmopolitan journalisms in Muslim Southeast Asia / Janet Steele. Central Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection PN5449 Sou.St 2018
WBS ewd fd 27-Apr-18 Transitive cultures : Anglophone literature of the transpacific / Christopher B. Patterson. Central Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection PR9645.5 Pat 2017
WBS ewd fd 23-Apr-18 Exhibiting the fall of Singapore : close readings of a global event / edited by Daniel Schumacher and Stephanie Yeo. Central Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection D767.55 Exh 2018
WBS ewd fd 23-Apr-18 You want this goonvernment ah? / Kee Thuan Chye. Central Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection JQ1062 Asi.Ktc 2018
WBS ewd fd 19-Apr-18 Has the West lost it? : a provocation / Kishore Mahbubani. Central Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection JZ1329.5 Mah 2018
WBS ewd fd 13-Apr-18 Malaysia's 14th General Election : the big issues / Kua Kia Soong, SUARAM. Central Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection JQ1062 Kua 2017
WBS ewd fd 13-Apr-18 The last wild men of Borneo : a true story of death and treasure / Carl Hoffman. Central Library Books DS646.312 Hof 2018
Anonymous 25-Apr-18 Bumi asing / by Syed Fakaruddin. Central Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection In process
Anonymous 25-Apr-18 Dunia Melayu dunia Islam : belia dalam pembangunan / diselenggarakan oleh Abdul Latif Abu Bakar. Central Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection DS523.4 Mal.Kdm 2 2001
Anonymous 25-Apr-18 Islam nusantara dalam konteks / penulis, Syafiq Hasyim. Central Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection BP63 *Indon.Sh 2018
Anonymous 25-Apr-18 The Strand Muslim community 1822-1966 : an historical overview / Ebrahim Rhoda   with contributions by Maulana Yusuf Karaan and Prof. Doria Daniels. Central Library Singapore-Malaysia Collection DT1768 Mus.Rh 2014
Anonymous 25-Apr-18 The structure and interpretation of early Prajñāpāramitā : an analysis via chiasmic theory / Shi Huifeng. Central Library Books BQ1217 Hui 2017
Anonymous 02-Apr-18 First they killed my father : a daughter of Cambodia remembers / Loung Ung. Central Library Books DS557.37 Ung
Anonymous 02-Apr-18 Towards a mobile indigeneity? : the case of indigenous students from the Chittagong Hill tracts in Dhaka, Bangladesh / Jacco Visser. Central Library Books DS3 Wpc 54 2016

  ^ "In process" status at time of update. Please check LINC for updates on call numbers as well as availability of the titles. 



Content updated on 02 May 2018

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