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NUS Libraries

Welcoming Donations

NUS Libraries appreciate the heartfelt support of all donors

Gifts and Donations

NUS Libraries look upon gifts as important additions to the Library collection. We seek gifts that can support the University curriculum, faculty research and newly developed course programs, as well as materials that fall within the scope of the Library’s collection development policy.

Donations of library materials enrich the library’s collection.  They are sources of out-of-print titles, commercially unavailable materials and fillings of gaps in the collection.

Gifts can be solicited or unsolicited.  The Library solicits gifts which include personal papers and memorabilia of importance and historical value.  Unsolicited gifts are usually received from government bodies, embassies, foundations, faculty staff and students.


Selection Guidelines

All potential donations are evaluated based on the Library’s needs. 

Except for rare and special items, the Library generally:


·        Scholarly materials relevant to the university’s learning, teaching and research needs

·        Materials which fall within the scope of the Library’s collection development policy, e.g. Singapore - Malaysia Collection

·        Journal issues that fill gaps in completing the run of titles that are already held in the Library


·        Duplicate items already held by the Library (unless additional copies are needed or the copy is a special edition that is useful to add)

·        Superseded editions of reference works or textbooks

·        Publications that focus on the mystical, e.g. astrology, palmistry, fortune-telling, divinatory graphology, occultism

·        Books whose contents are obsolete (e.g. computer software manuals)

·        Encyclopedias, used textbooks, magazines, damaged books, mass market paperbacks and self-help books

·        Obsolete formats such as 5.25" floppy disks, filmstrips, etc.

·        Marked, defaced and soiled items


Conditions of Acceptance of Gifts

The Library greatly appreciates gifts of books and other materials that enrich the Library’s collections. Due to space constraint, librarians will review all gifts for suitability for the collections and dispose of unwanted gifts as deem appropriate.

Unless otherwise arranged between the donor and the Library, all gifts are accepted based on the understanding that the Library reserves the right to determine their retention, location, organization, preservation and accessibility, and other considerations relating to their use and disposition.

Materials not appropriate for our collection may be donated to other libraries or educational institutions, discarded, or otherwise disposed of.  Gifts donated with restrictions or special conditions are accepted on a case by case basis, with a view towards making the material available to researchers within the parameters of the restrictions.


Procedures For Making Donations

Donors are requested to complete the List of Gifts and Donations for Consideration form and submit it to the relevant library for review.

The donor will be informed of the Library’s decision in due course.


Pickup and Delivery Arrangement

Unless otherwise arranged between the donor and NUS Libraries, please deliver them in person to:

Collection Development and Acquisition (Gifts)
NUS Libraries
Central Library, Level 5
12 Kent Ridge Crescent
Singapore 119275
(between 9.00 am and 5.00pm, Monday – Friday)

For larger volumes and significant donation of materials, the Library could arrange to pick the items from the donor’s address.



Upon request, for major and significant donations the Library would be pleased to add the donor’s name to the bookplates.


Contact Details

Tel: (65) 6516 2036
Fax: (65) 6774 7180

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