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To Give You A Running Start For the Semester


Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library has created this page to helping teaching staff start their semester as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For a full list of E-forms available from the Library Portal for teaching staff, click here. For new staff, please click here to learn more about what the various services are (e.g. what is RBR? What is IVLE?).


RBR stands for Reserved Books/Readings.To place a book in the RBR section, please use the E-form, or contact us at . In the email, please include:

  • Author
  • Title
  • Date of publication
  • Publisher
  • Edition
  • Module Code
  • Class Size

Please submit your requests at least a month before semester starts, to ensure timely purchasing and processing of books.

Every June, the library will send an email to check if the books you have requested for RBR are still required reading. If no reply is received, we will remove the books from the RBR collection.

Book Chapters, Articles and Other Readings on IVLE

Please publish your module on IVLE before submitting any requests to upload readings.

the library with :

  • Your reading list
  • Module code and name
  • Class size

If the readings are not available in the library collection, we may ask you for a physical copy or PDF of the reading to upload to IVLE.

Please give us at least 1 week to process your requests.

For more details on submitting readings to IVLE, please refer to this workflow and this FAQ.

Subject Guides

To better understand the resources the LIbrary has to support research and study, please look through our range of Business and Business-related Subject Guides. The subject guides provide lists of databases and top-tier journals in the library collection, as well as advice on how to locate specific data, such as statistics, company financials and statistics.

Customised Library Session for students

To help your students learn how to fully and effectively use our substantial collection, with more than 150 databases and 30,000 electronic journals, the library can customize library sessions to cater to your module. The sessions can be hands-on or live demonstrations of databases and other electronic resources. To request for a session, please use the electronic form available in our Library Portal, or email us at  .

Other Services

Several other e-forms are available for teaching and research purposes. Please click here for a full list of e-forms available to Academic and Teaching staff.