This website presents a collection of mixed media artwork of places of worship by a local artist, Dr Ho Chee Lick. Plotted on an interactive map with 3D street view, the drawings illustrate Singapore’s multi-religious landscape. For each drawing, we list the names, address, year established, date of sketch as well as relevant literature and websites, if any. An index of drawings has also been compiled.

In total, there are 381 drawings of predominantly Chinese shrines of Buddhism, Taoism, popular religion and sectarian religions from antiquity to contemporary times, churches  Hindu templesIslamic mosquesSikh temples,  and others. The data was compiled in 2015 and 2016. 

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本网站于第一阶段(2015年)主要展示169幅新加坡华人庙宇作品。作品各具特色,涵盖本地佛教、道教及古代至当代的民间宗教信仰的庙宇。2016年3月,本项目完成第二阶段,在本网站中加入华人庙宇以外的其他212幅画作,其中包括回教堂、印度庙宇、锡克庙宇以及基督教与天主教教堂 。

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