BrowZine : Read academic journals on your Web Browser, iPad, iPhone or Android tablet

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BrowZine delivers thousands of academic journals to your Web Browser, iPad, iPhone or Android tablet

BrowZine works by organizing the articles found in Open Access and subscription databases, uniting them into complete journals, then arranging these journals on a common newsstand. You can:

  • Browse new journal issues in ONE app
  • Read new articles online on your computer, tablet or phone
  • Email them in one step
  • Download and save them to your tablet for offline reading
  • Send them to EndNote, Mendeley, Zotero, RefWorks, Dropbox, and other services
  • Share citations and your comments on Twitter or Facebook

The result is an easy and familiar way to browse, read and monitor scholarly journals across disciplines.

Use BrowZine to keep up easily with the newest article research in your field!

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