Reel in Time @ Science Library

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Celebrating a successful launch ft Kevin (left) & Science Librarian Kin Guan (right)

"My name is Kevin Christopher Boellaard. I’m currently a 2nd year student majoring in Chemistry. I was always encouraged to read when I was a kid and reading became my hobby. Early on, I dabbled in fantasy and other genres but crime fiction is currently my favourite.

Nowadays, academic books receive all the attention in school libraries. Although they are important, I believe not all books exist to simply provide information for students to extract and use in exams. To me, books are vehicles for authors to communicate their ideas and not all good ideas are necessarily academic.

I am fortunate enough to have been inspired by some characters that are so well realized despite being fictional. I hope that the book exhibition can highlight some of these non-academic books and inspire others just like they have inspired me. Perhaps if more people are interested in reading, we can start a book club and discuss characters or events in stories in greater detail."

"Reel in Words" is an exhibition which marks the collaborative effort between Science Library and Kevin, to seek like-minded book worms. Do check out the exhibition at Science Library from now till end Feb and who knows, you could be one of our book club pioneers!

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