In these Rules, unless the context otherwise requires, the following expressions shall have the following meanings:

  1. Article(s) refers to an article or articles in a journal(s).
  2. Authorised Library Officer refers to any one of the Heads of the Library departments or their designated representatives.
  3. Collection refers to the Library's collection of Works in any form, including books, journals, journals, CD-ROMs, music or video compact discs, video tapes, computer software and Electronic Materials.
  4. Library refers to any of the following libraries administered by NUS, namely Central Library, Chinese Library, C J Koh Law Library, Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library, Medical Library, Music Library and Science Library, collectively referred to as the NUS Libraries.
  5. Electronic Materials refers to any or all, as the case may be, of those parts of the Collection which are in electronic medium.
  6. Electronic Medium includes but is not limited to digital optical and magnetic information storage and retrieval platforms or systems (including but not limited to videos, floppy disc-based software, CD-ROM, DVD-ROM, DVD-RAM, interactive software compact discs, ROM-card silicon chip and any other similar or dissimilar offline platforms or systems) online electronic or other transmission (including but not limited to satellite or microwave transmission, video-on-demand and/or near near-video-on-demand and the Internet) and any such digital online collection developed and maintained by the University whether now known or subsequently developed.
  7. Member(s) refers to a member(s) of the NUS Libraries and temporary users who are provided with temporary reading permits.
  8. NUS refers to the National University of Singapore.
  9. NUS Examination Papers refers to past NUS examination papers in the Collection.
  10. Officer refers to a Library staff.
  11. Journal(s) refers to an issue or issues of journal publications.
  12. Premises refer to Library premises.
  13. RBR refers to Reserve Books/Readings in the Collection.
  14. RMI or Rights Management Information refers to information that identifies the Work, author of the Work or owner of copyright in the Work, or information about the terms and conditions of use of the copy of the Work, or any numbers or codes that represents any of the above information.
  15. Rules refers to these Library Rules, which may be amended by NUS from time to time.
  16. A technological access control measure refers to any technology, device or component that controls access to a copy of a Work.
  17. A technological measure refers to any technological access control measure or a technological protection measure.
  18. A technological protection measure refers to any technology, device or component that effectively prevents or limits the doing of any act comprised in the copyright in Work, e.g. copying, use or distribution of a Work.
  19. Work(s) include(s) literary, dramatic musical and artistic work(s).

Content updated on 20 Sep 2013

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