E-Reserves for Faculty Staff

  • What are E-Reserves?
  • What readings can I put in E-Reserves? 
  • What readings cannot be put in E-Reserves?
  • How do I place my recommended readings in E-Reserves?
  • Which library serves my faculty? Who should I contact? 
  • How soon can my readings be published in E-Reserves?
  • How long will the readings remain in E-Reserves?
  • Who has access to readings in E-Reserves? 
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    For more information about this service, please contact us at 6516-2024 or email E-Reserves

    What are E-Reserves?

    E-Reserves contain book chapters and/or journal articles in electronic form that are recommended by teaching staff.


    E-Reserves readings are in PDF or hyperlinks to electronic resources currently subscribed by NUS Libraries. They are published via IVLE in the specific module pages.


    What readings can I put in E-Reserves?

    • Journals: one article of a journal issue
    • Books: one chapter, or 10% of the total number of pages of the book


    What readings cannot be put in E-Reserves?

    • More than one article from a journal issue
    • Works exceeding 10% of the number of pages or one chapter of a book
    • Works that has less than 10 pages in total
    • Documents requested and received via the Document Delivery Service.


    How do I place my recommended readings in E-reserves?

    Step 1.

    You must first publish your module page in IVLE before the library can create the E-Reserves for your module.

    Step 2.

    Submit (in person or by email) your reading list to the respective Library that serves your faculty. Please provide as much details of the readings (e.g. chapter/article title with book/journal title, ISBN/ISSN, URL/DOI, etc.) to facilitate and speed up processing.


    If a reading is accessible from E-Resources, the library staff will insert the hyperlinks in your module’s E-Reserves folder in IVLE. You are not required to fill in the copyright declaration form for such readings as NUS Libraries has purchased licenses for electronic access.


    If a reading is not found in any E-Resources, the library staff will inform you. At this point, you can decide to proceed to Step 3 or recommend the printed book (containing the said reading) as an RBR item.


    Step 3.

    In compliance with the Copyright Act, Section 52, you must fill in a copyright declaration (S52) form for each reading before the respective Library can proceed. NUS Libraries reserve the right to reject requests which do not comply with copyright restrictions.

    1. Access the form online at the Copyright Declaration System at:
    2. Submit a copy of the readings to the respective Library with the date declaration stamp on the first page of each reading. Example of stamp:  

    We highly recommend that the readings are in PDF. If you only have them in hardcopy, send them to the respective Library and we will scan and convert them into PDF before uploading to IVLE.





    Which library serves my faculty? Who should I contact?

    See table below to find out which library you should submit your readings to:

    Faculty/School/College/Programme Contacts
    Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences
    Faculty of Engineering
    School of Computing
    School of Design and Environment
    University Scholars Programme
    Ridge View Residential College
    College of Alice and Peter Tan
    Tembusu College
    Asset Management, Central Library
    Tel: 6516 2036   
    Email: clbfrm01@nus.edu.sg (for books)
    Email: clbfrm05@nus.edu.sg (for IVLE ereserves)
    Department of Chinese Studies
    Department of Japanese Studies 
    Chinese Library
    Tel: 6516 6237   Email: chlib@nus.edu.sg
    NUS Business School

    Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library
    Tel: 6516 3132  Email: hssmlib@nus.edu.sg

    Faculty of Law C J Koh Law Library 
    Tel: 6516 2042   Email: cjkohlib@nus.edu.sg
    Faculty of Dentistry
    Saw Swee Hock School of Public Health
    Yong Loo Lin School of Medicine 
    Medical Library 
    Tel: 6516 2046    Email: mdlib@nus.edu.sg
    Faculty of Science Science Library  
    Tel: 6516 2509  Email: sclib@nus.edu.sg
    Yong Siew Toh Conservatory of Music Music Library 
    Tel: 6516 8130  Email: musiclib@nus.edu.sg




    How soon can my readings be published in E-Reserves?

    It takes the E-Reserves team between two to five working days.

    We recommend that you submit your requests at least two weeks before the readings are required.


    How long will the readings remain in E-Reserves?

    In compliance with copyright, the readings will remain in E-Reserves for one semester.

    If the same PDF readings are required for the next semester, a new S52 form needs to be submitted for each reading. 


    Who has access to readings in E-Reserves?

    Only NUS staff and students enrolled for the specific course has access to the readings.

    Course participants are allowed only one download per reading during each semester. Note that opening the PDF of a reading is equivalent to downloading.



      Important Note

      Staff must keep the original copy of the S52 form in their department. For legal purposes, the S52 copy submitted to the Library is considered only as a recommendation form.



    Content updated on 06 May 2015

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