NUS Libraries Policy on E-Reserves


  1. E-Reserves materials must be from published works that are found in NUS Libraries’ collections.

  2. If a reading is available in E-Resources collections, NUS Libraries will insert the URL of the electronic version of the reading in E-Reserves for access.

    The PDF of that reading (scanned from print copy or downloaded from E-Resources website) will not be placed in E-Reserves if the e-version is already available in E-Resources.
  3. NUS Libraries will only upload readings after the online Copyright Declaration (S52) form is submitted*.
    This is in compliance to Section 52 of the Singapore Copyright Act (Chapter 63).

    * Note: S52 form is only applicable to readings NOT found in E-Resources collections.
    Click here to access the Copyright Declaration System.
  4. Every reading applied for S52 must:

    a.    be stamped with the Copyright Declaration stamp
    b.    have an E-Reserves request number generated from the Copyright Declaration System 
    [The request no. (e.g. ERXXXXXXXXX; X=digits) can be found in the email sent to you if your request is successful]
    c.   be submitted to respective Library at least 2 weeks before readings are to be made available in IVLE E-Reserves

  5. NUS Libraries cannot scan materials from the original book or journal source. Our library staff can only scan the protocopies provided by lecturers into PDF, and upload softcopies.

    Lecturers are responsible for providing the photocopy or the scanned PDF of readings from the original work. Lecturers cannot request library staff to photocopy or scan materials directly from the original works on their behalf . 

  6. NUS Libraries will only process requests that fall within copyright limit, which is:

    a.     Not more than 1 article in a journal/periodical
    b.     Not more than 10% of the total number of pages OR 1 chapter of a work.

    If your readings exceed the above limit, you will be asked to place the journal/work in RBR (on 2-hour loan basis).

  7. The S52 form for each reading is valid for one semester only due to copyright.  The E-Reserves folder in your IVLE module page will be closed after every semester.

    To reuse your E-Reserves readings for the next semester:

    a.     New S52 forms must be submitted for each and every reading 
            (You may copy from existing submitted S52 forms in the Copyright Declaration System)
    b.     Inform the library that you would like to reuse your readings

  8. Due to strict copyright policies as stated by their respective publishers, NUS Libraries will NOT process requests containing:
    • Harvard Business School cases, 
    • Richard Ivey cases, and/or
    • Stanford cases
  9. Due to copyright regulations [Section 45 of the Singapore Copyright Act (Chapter 63)], NUS Libraries will not upload documents obtained via the Document Delivery Service (DDS).
  10. NUS Libraries has the right to reject requests that do not comply with copyright. 


Copyright information on E-Reserves


Section 52 of the Copyright Act (Chapter 63) allows an education institution to make multiple copies or communications of an article in a periodical, or of a work other than an article in a periodical, provided the following conditions are met:

a.     The copying or communication is for the educational purposes of that or another educational institution

b.     A record of the copying or communication is made and kept for a stipulated period of years after the copying or communication is made.

                                i.      The copyright owner has the right to seek payment of equitable remuneration for the portion copied or communicated. The stipulated record of the copying or communication would assist both parties to decide on an equitable remuneration commensurate with the copying or communication made.

                               ii.      Therefore faculty requiring copies of a copyrighted work or an article in a periodical to be uploaded to IVLE are required to complete the prescribed Section 52 form before the request would be complied with.


Disclaimer: The content above is meant for general information only and is not meant to be a substitute for legal advice.


Content updated on 11 Nov 2014

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