Journal Abbreviations

  • All that JAS: Journal Abbreviation Sources is "a registry of websites that list or provide access to the full title of abbreviated journal titles."  The sites have been categorized into broad subjects such as General, Agriculture, Biosciences, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, and Medicine.
  • UlrichsWeb is an online periodicals directory of more than 300,000 international periodicals including academic and scholarly journals, open access publications, peer-reviewed titles, popular magazines, newspapers and newsletters.
  • Genamics JournalSeek covers journals in mainly in science with some coverage of the social sciences, including geography and psychology. Gives full title, publisher, ISSN, journal abbreviation and summary of journal coverage.
  • Institute of Science Information (ISI) uses these journal abbreviations. ISI produces Arts & Humanities Citation Index, Science Citation Index, Social Science Citation Index and Journal Citation Report. The abbreviations are listed alphabetically. Maintained by Caltech Library.
  • NASA Astrophysics Data System has a quick list of journal abbreviation and full title for refereed journals in the areas of physics, instrumentation and astronomy.
  • Singapore - Legal Abbreviations compiled by the C J Koh Law Library contains a list of journal abbreviations for law reports and journals published in Singapore, Malaysia and Brunei.


Printed Resources in NUS Libraries

  • CASSI on CD is available at Science Library Reference Office. CASSI (Chemical Abstracts Service source index) is published by the American Chemical Society and includes the abbreviations of journals indexed by Chemical Abstracts.
  • Periodical Title Abbreviations published by Gale Research and available at Central Library Information Desk and Science Library Reference Office. "Covering periodical title abbreviations in science, the social sciences, the humanities, law, medicine, religion, library science, engineering, education, business, art and many other fields."

Content updated on 15 Jun 2011

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