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Loan Period

This is a quick guide for teaching staff to place copies of high demand library books, photocopies and extracts of journals and books or lecture notes, in the Reserve Books / Readings Collection (RBR). Items in this Collection are loaned out for two-hour periods or overnight which is available two hours before the library closes. Overnight loans must be returned within one hour after the library opens the next working day. RBR items must be returned to the loan counter of the library where it was borrowed. A fine of $1.00 per hour is charged for overdue loan.


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Request to place library materials in RBR

To recommend an item, just fill in a Recommendation Form giving details of the author, title, date of publication and source of extract, as well as your name and course number. The Recommendation Form is available at the various libraries and also in electronic format via our Library Homepage.

To access the electronic form for a Book,
1. Go to the NUS Library Homepage at  
2. Click the "LOGIN" button
3. Select "Academic/Executive/Professional Staff" from "SERVICES" menu
4. Under "Services for Teaching", select "Place Book in Reserve Books/Readings"

For electronic forms for a Book Chapter and Journal Article,
You may access these forms directly from the Course Pack/E-Reserve System using the link below:
"Request to Place Book Chapter/Journal Article in Reserve (RBR)"


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Processing time for RBR Collection

Please remember to submit items at least 6 working days before they are required for reading by students to allow time for processing. Bear in mind too that some books may be on loan when you request them for RBR and the library needs to recall them. In the event where items are required to be place in RBR urgently, the library may expedite processing if you bring the items and together with the completed Recommendation form(s) to the Library.

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Finding materials in RBR

Users can search for the items placed in RBR through LINC by looking for the author or title of the item. In addition, LINC also allows users to search specifically by lecturer's name by clicking on RBR COLLECTION (Lecturer's Name) or course number by clicking on RBR COLLECTION (Course Number). Please note that searching by Lecturer's name and Course Number is not applicable to the Medical Library RBR Collection.

For detailed instructions, please refer to FAQ on
How to Search LINC: RBR Collection


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Items not available in the Library Collection

If an item that has been recommended is not available in the Library, a rush order will be sent to our suppliers. It may take about two weeks to obtain a new book locally. For books not available locally, it may take one to two months to fulfill the orders. If an article you wish to place in the RBR is not available in the Library, the Library will try to obtain a copy through our Document Delivery Services. The request form for document delivery is also available through our Digital Library under Electronic Forms for Library Services.


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Management of Collection

Teaching staff can request for items to be removed from the RBR Collection at any point in time through filling in the necessary Eform. The Library will also periodically, in consultation with the recommenders, remove materials from the RBR Collection.

The Library will inform teaching staff if any of their recommendations in the collection are missing or mutilated.


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Each library maintains its own RBR Collection. Teaching staff should send their recommendations and enquiries to the staff of the respective libraries as follows:

Asset Management
Central Library
E-mail : Central Library   
Telephone : 6516-2036

Chinese Library
E-mail : Chinese Library   
Telephone : 6516-6237

C J Koh Law Library
E-mail : C J Koh Law Library   
Telephone : 6516-2042

Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library
E-mail : Hon Sui Sen Memorial Library   
Telephone : 6516-3132

Science Library
E-mail : Science Library   
Telephone : 6516-2454

Medical Library
E-mail : Medical Library
Telophone : 6516-2046

Music Library
E-mail : Music Library 
Telephone : 6516-8130 


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Content updated on 26 Aug 2014

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