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Asian Shakespeare Intercultural Archive (A|S|I|A)
by A/P YONG Li Lan (2015)

Asian performance cultures interact with the idea of Shakespeare in richly diverse ways. The Asian Shakespeare Intercultural Archive (A|S|I|A) is building a multilingual online archive of up to 70 performances from East and Southeast Asia.

The archive contains full-length videos with translated scripts, multilingual switching support, user annotation functions, and rich data on creators, art/forms, reviews, cultural context and more.


Contemporary Wayang Archive 
by Dr. Miguel Escobar (2015)

The Contemporary Wayang Archive (CWA) is a collection of re-elaborations of Java's oldest performance tradition. All of the performances were recorded in 21st century Java. This archive includes translations, notes and explanations of how the performances were received in their original context.


Wayang Kontemporer: Innovations in Javanese Wayang Kulit 
by Dr. Miguel Escobar (2015)

This is an interactive analysis of new developments in Indonesian shadow puppet theatre that combine a millenary tradition with new media. The website is an interactive combination of diagrams, videos and essays.


Singapore Historical GIS
by Prof. Kenneth Dean, A/P WANG Yi-Chen & A/P FENG Chen-Chieh (2017)

This Singapore Historical GIS Website (SHGIS) combines Chinese and English archival sources together with large amounts of data on Chinese socio-cultural institutions gathered in fieldwork over the past 5 years into a common searchable GIS platform. We envision the SHGIS website as a long-term continuously developing research tool and an accumulating, searchable digital archive.


China Meteorological Publications 1872-1951
by Prof. CHEN Yehning, A/P CHU Junhong & Prof. Ivan PNG + NUS Libraries (2017)

As part of Ministry of Education Academic Research Fund Tier-2 project, Chen Yehning, Chu Junhong and Ivan Png compiled a digital collection of daily China weather records spanning 1872-1951, from paper records in libraries and archives in the China, Japan, Taiwan and the USA. NUS Libraries created a listing and geovisualisation of the collection.


Perform Contemporary Tradition 
by A/P LIM Beng Choo + NUS Libraries (2017)

PerformCT is an open-access, multi-media archive for academic and theatrical works that are related to traditional performance today. It also provides information on traditional performance events that are happening in present day.


Mapping Early European Writings on Southeast Asia
by Cuauhtémoc Tonatiuh Villamar, Richard HO, FENG Yikang (2017)

This is a teaching tool for exploring fifty-seven early Iberian writings on Southeast Asia from the sixteenth to mid-seventeenth century, taking the form of interactive connection maps. It augments the exploration of where these early texts were published, their subsequent reprints or translations over space and time, and the system of influences behind early European concepts of Southeast Asia.

By NUS Libraries


Map of Origins: Chinese Clans in Singapore 新加坡华人宗乡之情
by NUS Libraries (2015)

A comprehensive listing of Chinese Clan Associations in Singapore. Using Google Maps, these Associations have been mapped out for geographic exploration.


Singapore Places of Worship 新加坡多元宗教之美
by NUS Libraries (2015)

An interactive map of 381 art pieces by Dr. Ho Chee Lick, comprising Chinese shrines of Buddhism, Taoism, popular religion and sectarian religions, churches, Hindu temples, Islamic mosques, Sikh temples, and others.

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