Special Collections

The digitized collections include rare books and newspapers pertaining to the history of the region.

Biodiversity Library of Southeast Asia (BLSEA)
The Biodiversity Library of Southeast Asia (BLSEA) contains rare and unique content on the flora and fauna of Southeast Asia. A labour of love between NUS Libraries and Lee Kong Chian Natural History Museum, it contains open access biodiversity materials from both entities.

Journal of Three Voyages
Along the coast of China in 1831, 1832, & 1833 with notices of Siam, Corea, and the Loo-Choo islands by Charles Gutzlaff, 1834.

Pre-war Singapore Chinese Newspapers

  • Cheng Nam Jit Poh
    (1913-1920) The aims and emphasis of the paper varied from period to period. Initially, it gave special emphasis on political support to the China Government; then it published more literary works. On the final stage the paper carried more articles on education, business and social issues.
  • Chong Shing Yit Pao
    (1907-1910) This paper was the organ of the Tung Meng Hui based in Singapore.
  • Jit Shin Pau
    (1899-1901) This paper succeeded the Sing Po, but it had a different outlook and appearance.
  • Lat Pau
    (1887-1932) Lat Pau is an invaluable historical source for research into pre-war Singapore as well as Chinese overseas during that period.
  • Sin Kok Min Jit Pao
    (1919-1933) This paper is one of the most influential official newspapers and journals published by the Kuomintang in cities where many Overseas Chinese were residing. It is an invaluable historical source for the study of modern Chinese revolution and Chinese Overseas during that period of time.
  • Sing Po
    (1890-1898) This paper was primarily a commercial venture and its news reporting style was largely paralleled to that of the Lat Pau, but some of its editorials provide more radical comments on social issues.
  • The Sun-Poo
    (1909-1910) Founded by a group of Chinese revolutionaries, it appeared in the morning while all other Chinese papers came out in the afternoon.
  • The Union Times
    (1908-1946) This paper was the organ of the pro-loyalist Chinese group in Singapore. It had the largest circulation in Singapore and was the most influential one.
  • Thien Nam Shin Pao
    (1898-1905) This paper devoted quite a lot of space to news and views and on the whole it was a great contrast to the kind of reports that had appeared in the Lat Pau and Sing Po columns.

Select Pre-War Japanese Publications on Southeast Asia
Titles include Kaenju, Shingaporu koryakuki and Nihonjin no shinhattenchi Nanyo.

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